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Ya devi sarva bhoothe shu shakti roopena sansthita
namastasyaye namastasyaye namastasyaye namo namaha!

Mataji (The great Mother Goddess) in one of the incarnations has blessed this world in the form of Maa But Bhavani.

It is believed in most parts of Gujarat that in this incarnation Mata was born to Deval Maa and Bapal Petha. It is further believed that she also incarnated herself as her siblings Bahucharaji Devi and Balad Devi. She has been honoured and remembered for generations today with her numerous temples and the prime and the most important amongst them being at Arnej, Gujarat.

The temple of Mata Boot Bhawani is situated at Arnej, Gujarat, India. The devotees come here with great faith in the Goddess and are blessed with the miracles of Mata.

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